The Sabian Symbols Oracle

Based on the Combined Efforts of

Dr. Marc Edmund Jones and Elsie Wheeler

Images and Keywords from

The Sabian Symbols in Astrology

by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones (1953)

The poetic imagery of the Sabian symbols is useful in providing insight and guidance into current situations and is an effective way of tapping into both the universal or collective consciousness as well as the personal unconscious.

The image and keyword are a starting point to a more comprehensive answer to your question. The commentary included in Dr. Jones' book has not been included here in order to allow your own intuition to operate more freely. The magic of the Sabian symbols lies in their ability to lead your own mind to the answer that already exists within you.

Focus your thoughts on the question or situation at hand and when ready, click on the button below and one of the 360 Sabian symbol images and keywords will appear.