Healing is Above All Notions

True healing results from a recognition that illness is an opportunity to grasp a quickened potentiality and so spur the sufferer toward an ultimate good

"Blue Letters"on the topic of healing, so designated because they are issued on blue paper, are included in The Sabian Book of Letters to Aspirants (Sabian Publishing Society, 1973). This special collection was selected from approximately 1200 weekly messages written by Dr. Marc Edmund Jones to students of the Sabian Assembly. They present a unique and thought-provoking, yet highly practical perspective on healing.

The root of all healing is a realization of the ultimate good that is furthered by whatever the ill condition may be, and so an effort to find a more gratifying or satisfactory procedure for achieving the same result. This is the fundamental principle guiding us in developing our healing effectiveness whether consciously taken in just this way or not. Working with ultimate ends is our cornerstone. It is very important indeed that the unhealthy condition not be justified thus bluntly or baldly to the individual in need of healing. He will have had more than his fill of the pressures converging on him, and it will destroy all chance to help him if the practitioner tries to bring him to an intellectual or emotional acceptance of his own deficiencies and bad judgment. He needs an inner strengthening or wholly tangible reinforcement in his efforts at self-realization, and thus an ill must always be presented in terms of opportunity and suffering in an aspect of quickening potentiality. Even a further modification in approaching the mind or point of view of one in need of healing will be necessary unless such a one has already gained a considerable degree of occult or inner stirring. It may be more than wise to make no apparent connection between the illness and the opportunity it indicates. The condition of sickness in body and mind is approached outwardly in what will be the most conventional and convenient method of treatment indicated by individual circumstances, but the practitioner will know that this is palliation and that it will prove to be efficacious only as an inner or permanent contribution is made to the eternal quickening that with development will sustain existence on a higher plane of being.

The healer renders unto Caesar that which is Caesar's.